Do you feel stuck in a


on something?

Are you wanting to…

Improve an existing process or product?
Create a new process or product?
Create an innovative strategy?

But finding that…

People are not sure how to work together to reach one goal?
There are a lot of known & unknown complexities involved? 
Its proving tricky to think of new ideas?

All it comes down to is what perspective the situation is viewed from...

... is here to ...

Lighten any stuck-ness
Brighten views on the options available
Make clear the way forward from here

by playing with perspectives





We help people who feel stuck in a stalemate on something, see alternate options by viewing the situation from different perspectives. We do this through completely tailored packages, focused on playful activities which provide transformation in specific areas – delivery is through workshops or 1:1s in person or online.


Our aim is for people to leave our sessions feeling:

1.  Light about the specifics of themselves, others and situations

2.  Bright about how to deal with whatever comes

3.  Clear about what to focus on and what to explore going forward


We use a plethora of playful methods to make the abstract and unattainable become concrete and plannable. One of these methods is Lego® Serious Play®.


Which stalemate could we help you with?